Design Challenge 2018


Winners 2018

On Wednesday March 14, Erik de Bruijn, announced Aidro Hydraulics and Fraunhofer IGCV winners of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge. All six finalists, three in the student category and three professionals, pitched their designs in front of the 5 member jury. 

The winner of the professional category was Aidro Hydraulics of Italy, headed by Alberto Tacconelli. Aidro CEO Valeria Tirelli presented their compact redesign of a generic hydraulic manifold for a street cleaning vehicle, designed by Gaetano Corrado. The redesign consolidated two parts, is smaller than its predecessor, and has an optimized flow because of improved, curved channels. The problem of leakage, caused by auxiliary plug failure, is eliminated and the weight is reduced by an impressive 70%. Aidro Hydraulics won the jury over with the massive applicability and commercial viability of their design. 

In the student category the first prize went to Yogeshkumar Katrodiya, an Indian student currently finalizing his Master-study at the Fraunhofer IGCV in Augsburg, Germany. Yogeshkumar designed a fully integrated shaft and gear with internal channels transporting lubricant to the gears for cooling.  The helix shaped cooling channels were applied to increase the cooling capacity and they demonstrated the unique design freedom of metal additive manufacturing.  With help of part consolidation and topology optimization, Yogesh obtained a weight reduction of 50%. Decisive for the jury was the generic applicability and the large number of potential applications for his design.

Finalists Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2018

On February 12, 2018 Additive Industries announced the finalists of Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2018 in two categories: professional and student designer. From a group of 52 contestants from all over the world across different fields like aeronautics, automotive, medical industry and high-tech, 6 finalists were selected:


The designs are (from left to right, first top row then bottom):

  • ‘Avionics System’ from the Intech DMLS team (India, professional category)
  • ‘Medical Part Gripper’ from the 3D-medlab team (France, professional category)
  • ‘Hydraulic Manifold’ from the Aidro Hydraulics team (Italy, professional category)
  • ‘Gasification Burner’ from Philipp Kaindl from the Technical University of Munich (Germany, student category)
  • ‘Functionally Integrated Shaft and Gear’ from Yogeshkumar Katrodiya from Fraunhofer IGCV team (Germany, student category)
  • ‘Ultimaker 2+ Hot End’ from Cassidy Silbernagel, Silver Cannon Design team, the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom, student category)

Additive Industries wants to challenge both professional designers and students

In order to raise the number of examples and inspire many other industries to develop dedicated applications for industrial 3D printing, Additive Industries has launched the 4th edition of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge. Competing in two categories both professional designers & engineers and students are encouraged to take an existing part of a machine or product that is made with conventional technologies today and redesign it for 3D printing. Partners in the Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge are leading CAE technology provider (e.g. Topology Optimization) - Altair Engineering, a consumer 3D printer manufacturer – Ultimaker, Autodesk - a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software and European Association of the Machine Tool Industries CECIMO. 

The top 3 in both categories get a free 1 year licence of Altair’s Inspire software and Netfabb licences. All 6 finalists(teams) will be invited to the Additive World Conference & Additive World Awards Dinner. The winners in both categories take home the Ultimaker 3D printer (professional winner Ultimaker 3 and student winner Ultimaker 2+), 3D printed award and a goodie bag from Autodesk. The award winning designs will be printed in metal. Also the winners will get an opportunity to present during annual Masterclass: Design for Additive Manufacturing, which will be hosted by Additive Industries during Dutch Design Week

The designer has the key to success of 3D printing

Industrial 3D metal printing or additive manufacturing is gaining ground every day. In aerospace fuel nozzles are printed by GE Aviation, Siemens is printing parts for turbines and both dental and medical implants are made additively by several specialised manufacturers. Critical in the success of these innovative applications is the ability of the designer to ‘design for additive manufacturing’ or maximize the possibilities this new production technology has to offer. Apply the features that make this technology unique: design freedom, thin walls, lattice structures, form free channels in the product, integration of parts and functions, customisation and more.

Registration for Design Challenge 2019 is  possible via this website from October 25, 2018. After the registration you will receive an Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge Manual with the requirements & rules and important deadlines for sending your design.  The (re)designs, together with the Submission Form and the motivation should be sent until February 1 2019. For questions please contact Mrs Irina Schatorjé or by phone +31 (0) 40 2180660.

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