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Additive World Masterclass: Design for Additive Manufacturing


Attention and interest for Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing for a broad range of applications in the high-tech and design industry is still growing rapidly. As well as interest to use the unique advantages of Additive Manufacturing such as light weight designs, optimized thermal performance, integration of parts, ability to make unique designs and customization.

This Design for Additive Manufacturing Masterclass, organized by Additive Industries as part of the Additive World initiative, aims to offer an overview of all aspects of Design for Additive Manufacturing: drivers, design rules, dedicated designs, material selection and results. If you are you involved in industrial design, engineering and manufacturing of parts or related fields, this Masterclass will allow you to get a pragmatic overview of opportunities, challenges, applications and tools related to Design for Additive Manufacturing and will inspire designers and engineers to use the freedom this technology has to offer. At the end of the day experiences can be exchanged during networking drinks.

About Additive World

Additive World has the ambition to connect the dots in industrial 3D printing. Currently this technology is still mainly found in the R&D domain and used for prototyping, testing parts and academic research. The manufacturing industry however is catching up rapidly. Led by the aerospace and medical implant companies, the rest of the (high tech) manufacturing industry is investing heavily in refining the processes, developing applications and setting up a value chain for industrial 3D printing.

Registration and more information

This Additive World Masterclass is an event organized during the Dutch Design Week (22-30 October 2016) on Thursday, October 27 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 



27 October 2016, 09:30 - 10:00 Additive Industries

Registration and coffee

27 October 2016, 10:00 - 10:15 Additive Industries Daan A.J. Kersten MSc, MBA

Opening by Additive Industries


Daan A.J. Kersten MSc, MBA In 2012 Daan founded, together with Jonas Wintermans, Additive Industries, a high tech company industrialising 3D printing for functional parts in various metals. The ambition of Additive Industries is to bring additive manufacturing and 3D printing from lab to fab and allow the high tech manufacturing industry to capitalise on the opportunities additive manufacturing has to offer in creating lighter, compact, integrated, more complex products & parts with better thermal performance/ characteristics. Daan has been at the helm of several companies, some of them from the start. His heart beats for the high tech manufacturing industry and open innovation in the supply chain. In the evening hours, Daan is a board member and initiator of NextOEM, an accelerator program for young high tech companies.

27 October 2016, 10:15 - 10:45 Additive Industries Lauren Slowik

The 3D Printing Ecosystem: New Ways to Approach Design


Lauren Slowik  is the Design Evangelist for Education at Shapeways and one of the founding members of the Lady Tech Guild, a group for connecting and inspiring women working in the 3D industries. She is occasionally a part-time professor at Parsons the New School for Design where she also received her MFA in Design+Technology. She has contributed her design and technology expertise to organizations such as Apple, MoMA, the Ms. Foundation, Eyebeam Art+Technology Center, the Museum of Arts and Design and Her research is focused on 3D design and 3D printing and the future of creativity in education with a focus on user experience design, storytelling, and interaction design. She lives in Brooklyn, New York City.

27 October 2016, 10:45 - 11:15 Additive Industries Lutz Dobrowohl

Bionic Design for Additive Manufacturing

With all the added benefits of additive manufacturing methods in terms of geometric freedom or drastically different economic factors, design engineers for ALM parts face new challenges: How to come up with a favorable shape, how to create that shape in a 3D modeling environment and how to address certain ALM specific manufacturing constraints. Simulation driven, bionic design is the approach to exploit maximum benefit from this new situation.


Lutz Dobrowohl started getting in touch with simulation in general as a participant in a Formula Student team where vehicle dynamics simulation was introduced as a tool to gain knowledge about vehicle behavior before building it, Master’s Thesis at Altair about a complete vehicle dynamics model of a sports car from a certain southern German sports car manufacturer, then joined Altair as an application engineer, main focus is early concept simulation and optimization tools as well as additive manufacturing.

27 October 2016, 11:15 - 11:45 Additive Industries Felix Schumacher

The future of making things - innovation driven design by DQBD

The holistic design approach of DQBD and how it affects an innovative product design process. The 360° view of the product development at DQBD includes Concepting, Material Expertise and Technical Know-How. Furthermore Generative Design combined with Additive Manufacturing are part of the early stage product design and development. Two projects – a road cycling shoe and an urban helmet concept – showcase the result of this unique design process that leads to a unique user experience. Both project include parts for additive manufacturing which will be shown in detail. 


Felix Schumacher has a Bachelors degree in Product Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany. Masters degree in Strategic Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany. Working experience as a Product Design Intern in Stuttgart, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand.  Product Designer at DQBD GmbH in Schorndorf, Germany.

27 October 2016, 11:45 - 12:00 Additive Industries

Wrap-up and Q&A morning session

27 October 2016, 12:00 - 13:00 Additive Industries



27 October 2016, 13:00 - 13:30 Additive Industries Stephan Ziegler

Presentation by Stephan Ziegler, Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik ILT

AM technologies like SLM have enable the production of end use products directly from CAD data. Many companies are exploring the use of SLM for specific applications, such as mass customization of medical implants, optimized tooling inserts or lightweight aerospace parts.AM technologies offer the generation of almost all conveyable geometries and shapes, contrary to conventional manufacturing technologies. Only a fundamental mind changing in the product design process provides the engineer with the full design freedom of this technology. Furthermore, SLM is not completely freeform as the inherent process difficult can distort many part geometries and designers often lack an understanding of these process issues and their effect on the final part. 


Stephan Ziegler has studied industrial engineering and mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. He obtained his diploma degree in 2015 and is pursuing his PhD in the field of Additive Manufacturing at the Chair for Laser Technology of the RWTH Aachen University since then. His main research focus is on the design for Additive Manufacturing, with the focus on Selective Laser Melting (SLM). 

27 October 2016, 13:30 - 14:00 Additive Industries Jaap Bulsink

Design for Industrial Products

Many people think metal additive manufactured parts are expensive, but metal additive manufacturing machines are becoming faster and faster. Some parts can be printed in only 10 minutes, while the design will take hours or even days. The machines are currently ahead of the knowledge of the people and software packages. With some useful practical examples the challenge in designing and producing industrial parts in a short time lead time will be discussed. 


Jaap Bulsink has a master degree in Mechanical Engineering and came for the first time in touch with additive manufacturing at Addlab, the first 3D printing pilot factory for the production of industrial metal parts in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  He works since 7 years as an R&D engineer at the Kaak Group, world leader in producing equipment and production lines for the bakery industry. In July the MetalFAB1 Beta machine was installed at Kaak Terborg. Jaap is responsible for the whole process from design to end product.

27 October 2016, 14:00 - 14:45 Additive Industries Scott Summit

3D Printing and the Body: A Day in Life

3D printing continues to find its way into every aspect of our lives, even if the end result goes unnoticed. We'll look at a day in the life that highlights what we print, why we print it, and how it stands to improve our quality of living.


Scott Summit seeks to connect complex human needs with design and technology solutions. To this end, he founded Bespoke Innovations in 2010, based on 20 years of experience and research in design and additive fabrication.  From 2013-2016, he served as the Design Director for 3D Systems, leading a focused team of designers to explore the boundaries of 3D printing.  Their projects challenge expectations in design and fabrication, often exploring new approaches to problem solving and how we address human need.  Summit has held faculty positions at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford University, and currently lectures at Singularity University.  He holds over 60 design and utility patents in areas from mobile technology, medicine, sports, and consumer products. He now works to educate and enlighten a new generation of designers about the opportunities presented by the rich new set of technologies available to us all.

27 October 2016, 14:45 - 15:15 Additive Industries

Wrap-up and Q&A afternoon session

27 October 2016, 15:15 - 15:30 Additive Industries

Announcement of the Design Challenge 2017

27 October 2016, 15:30 - 16:30 AddFab

Visit at AddFab

27 October 2016, 16:30 - 17:30 Ketelhuisplein

Highlights visit at Dutch Design Week

27 October 2016, 17:30 - 19:00 Ketelhuis

Networking drinks at Ketelhuis


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