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How Additive Manufacturing affects your business

Additive Manufacturing or the more popular consumer term ‘3D printing’ is predicted to disrupt many markets, to allow radical redesign of value chains and to fuel brand new business models. This family of new fully digital production technologies creates opportunities of weight reduction, performance improvement and form free production, personalization at no extra cost and on demand part manufacturing.

Since its inception in 2012, Additive Industries learned that many board- and management team members at various companies are eager to get a better understanding of this innovative domain. Based on numerous personal discussions, the founders decided to develop masterclasses together with the thought leaders in the field of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. 

Additive World Masterclasses

The question is not whether it will affect your business, but rather when, how and how much. Additive World Masterclasses are designed to connect your industry and experts in your field of use with the experts in Additive Manufacturing. The master classes are focused to exchange insights and share experiences with the technology of Additive Manufacturing. Annually, during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Additive Industries organises the Masterclass: Design for Additive Manufacturing. To see the last edition of the Masterclass, please look here

Key benefits

This Masterclass will give you a clear overview of the various types of additive manufacturing and 3D printing and will help you to develop a strategy for your own company. Some of the key benefits are summed up below:

  • Learn the state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies and materials (metals, plastics, ceramics, hybrids, etc)
  • Gain insight into what additive manufactured parts are already available in the market and what are promising (near) future applications
  • Understand how a typical additive manufacturing process flow looks like and what pre- and post-processing is needed
  • What are the ingredients for a solid 3D printing business case?
  • Learn which trends will influence your business success

More information

We organize dedicated Masterclasses or in-company sessions on Additive Manufacturing. From general AM strategy setting and business model development to impact on design & engineering and your supply chain. The new edition of the Masterclass: Design for Additive Manufacturing will take place in October 2019, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, during Dutch Design Week. Registration will be possible from August 2019For more information, you can contact Irina Schatorjé at Additive Industries, or +31 (0)40 2180660


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